Internet Rechartering
Renew the charters of packs, troops, teams, crews, and ships

A representative of each unit can now complete the paperwork for renewing a charter online. From Internet Rechartering, you can indicate returning members, add new members, and update information for an individual or the chartered organization.

How to Use

Each unit must select an adult to be its renewal processor; this adult must take the interactive Internet Rechartering tutorial. After completing the tutorial, one should e-mail their appropriate district executive, who shall grant them their user identification. One can sign up for this process only through the Internet.

To renew a charter online:

  1. Sixty days before your unit's expiration date  no later than OCT 1, select a renewal processor.
  2. The renewal processor completes the tutorial online, e-mails their district executive, and the district executive issues them their access code. Expect a 24 hour delay during the week.
  3. Sixty to 45 days before the unit's expiration date no later than NOV 1 , the renewal processor clicks Recharter Now and begins the process.
  4. When the online process is completed, the renewal processor prints the completed charter renewal application.
  5. Each unit must complete a Quality Unit application whether they qualify for the award or not.
  6. In addition to rechartering fees, each unit must turn in $5 for each adult (including Tiger Cub adult partners) and youth member for accident insurance.   If a unit sells popcorn the insurance cost will be $2 for each adult (including Tiger Cub adult partners) and youth member.
  7. The unit leader and the institutional head (executive officer) sign the charter renewal application.

Paper recharter kits:

Regular paper recharter kits will only be available for those units who make a specific request.

The goal is to submit all recharter packages to the Council Service Center correctly and with all information.  Do not hesitate to call someone especially your commissioner for help.

Recharter procedure highlights

Following are the leader position letter codes used on recharter rosters:

  • IH = Executive officer of the chartered organization (also known as institution head)
  • CR = Chartered Organization Representative
  • CC = Unit Committee Chairperson
  • NL = Venture Crew Advisor
  • MC = Member of Unit Committee
  • NA = Venture Crew associate Advisor
  • PT = Pack Trainer
  • TL = Tiger Cub Den Leader
  • CM = Cubmaster
  • DL = Cub Scout (Wolf or Bear) Den Leader
  • CA = Assistant Cubmaster
  • DA = Assistant Cub Scout Den Leader
  • SM = Scoutmaster
  • WL = Webelos Scout Den Leader
  • SA = Assistant Scoutmaster
  • WA = Assistant Webelos Scout Den Leader
  • VC = Varsity Team Coach
  • SK = Skipper (Sea Scout Ship/Crew Leader)
  • VA = Assistant Varsity Team Coach
  • MT = Mate (Assist. Sea Scout Ship/Crew Leader)


Adult applications must include the signed Disclosure/Authorization for criminal background checks and proof of Youth Protection Training.  Those adults who fail to provide this will not be registered with the Boy Scouts of America. 

Following are rechartering highlights:
  1. A charter is considered complete when it has the following: (1) all required leadership positions filled, (2) been signed by the executive officer of the chartered organization (also known as institution head) and the unit leader, (3) youth and adult addresses, telephone numbers and birth dates and (4) payment of registration, Boys' Life subscription and accident insurance fees.
  2. Only the registered executive officer of the chartered organization (also known as institution head) and unit leader are authorized to sign your unit's recharter roster. If there is a change of executive officer of the chartered organization, have the new executive officer complete an adult application (position code "IH") and submit it with the recharter.
  3. Every unit must have the following leadership positions filled: executive officer; chartered organization representative; committee chairperson, a minimum of two (2) members of committee; and a unit leader (Cubmaster, scoutmaster, varsity coach, post advisor, crew advisor). Cub Scout packs are required to register at least one den leader in addition to the other positions listed in the preceding sentence. Please keep in mind that no Cub Scout den should have more than 8-10 youth members and that two deep leadership is mandated by the Youth Protection requirements and the Guide to Safe Scouting.
  4. Every adult leader must be registered. Adult applications must be submitted for any adult not listed on the recharter roster. Make sure that all required signatures (IH or CR, CC and applicant) are on the applications. List these "additional" leaders on an "adult" overflow sheet. Submit the applications and overflow sheet with the recharter roster. Adult forms must include the disclosure authorization form and proof of Youth Protection Training.
  5. Youth applications must be submitted for any youth not listed on the recharter roster. Make sure that the unit leader and parent have signed the youth application. All these "additional" youth must be listed on a "youth" overflow sheet. Submit the applications and overflow sheet with the recharter roster. Reminder: Make sure to include applications and overflow sheets for any youth or adults that joined after the date your recharter roster was printed.
  6. Every Tiger Cub must have an adult partner. Tiger Cub adult partners do not need to complete an adult application unless they are also serving in a leadership position (CC, MC, CM, CA, TL, DL, or WL). To register a Tiger Cub adult partner in an adult leadership position with the pack, they have to fill out an adult registration form.  Please note that tiger parents registering as an adult leader in any position other than AP must pay the fees and submit a completed adult application including the disclosure and authorization form.
  7. Only the chartered organization representative can register in more than one leadership position (also known as "multiple") within a unit and then only as the committee chairperson (CC) or committee member (MC). He or she can register only as one "multiple" within that unit.
  8. The Quality Unit application is required regardless of your Quality Unit status for the current year.
  9. An advancement form must be submitted with the recharter roster if there are any changes in youth ranks printed on the recharter roster.
  10. The most important point is to calculate fees carefully! Check them again! Submit a single unit check to pay for the entire recharter amount (registration, Boys' Life subscription and insurance fees).

Recharter Status:

Once the paperwork starts coming into the office (remember online registration still has paperwork), you can check here to see if your unit has been processed or not.

Please note:

Every unit is directed to their district commissioner staff for additional information on training, turn-in, assistance in rechartering etc.  We suggest you read the "EK" locate this information or your district web site.

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