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We provide the most commonly sought after forms used in Scouting.  Without permission copyrighted material cannot be placed on this Web site. 

All forms on the Tidewater Council, Boy Scouts of America Web site have been tested using the latest version of Internet Explorer and  Adobe Acrobat Reader.  The vast majority of all forms are PDF style forms. 

The forms on our Web site come from a number of sources.

All the forms provided are approved for use by Tidewater Council Scouting units.

Although we cannot answer every issue related to the downloading forms, we have covered the most typical problems and solutions to those problems.

Warning: The Tidewater Council, Boy Scouts of America does not warrant any of our solutions to work. The Tidewater Council, shall not be held liable if any damage occurs to your computer as a result of trying some or any of these methods. If you are in doubt and think damage may occur consult expert computer advice.

Preface: Trouble shooting the downloading of forms requires that one first determine the problem and then apply the easiest method to correct the issue.  Sometimes it requires more then one solution to solve a particular problem.

The two broad categories of problems are:

What you must have to download a form:  

Problems and Solutions for Downloading Forms

Here are some of the typical problems that we have received, the answer to the first problem is usually the cause:

Problem: I clicked on the "link" and nothing happened. 

Do you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed? If not, install it.

Do you have a very old version of Adobe Acrobat Reader?  Install the latest version.

If the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed. Is the software working?  Try opening the program to see if it works and no error messages are received.

Were you impatient?  Large files require more time to download.  Be patient especially If you are using a dial-up modem combined with older computer technology.  Grab an "official Scouting mug" and take a drink or two before proceeding.

Are you behind a firewall?  If you know how to shut down your firewall on a temporary basis, shut it down, and try downloading the form after the firewall has been turned off.  If you are able to download the form after you shut down your firewall, then consult additional help as to how to resolve firewall issues. 

Normally, if you turn off firewall software, one should be able to reactivate the software while the computer is still operating.  If you don't know how to reactivate your firewall reboot your computer and it should re-activate itself.

If you are behind a firewall at work, then you may have to contact your network administrator to see how you can download PDF files. 

You know you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, that it works, but you are still having a problem.

Right click on the file, then select "save as" and download it to the location of your choice.  If you are having problems locating your files, we might suggest writing on a sheet of paper the name of the file, and then you can use your search functions on your computer to locate the form.  When you right click on the file and hit "save as," your file directory opens and you should be able to download the file to your desired location.  If this solution works, we suggest that you re-download Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

I downloaded the form and now I can't find it.  Try clicking on the form and try downloading it again. A box should should come up that asks if you want to overwrite the file.  Make sure you write down the location of where the form is and navigate to the file in the manner that you are familiar with.

Are you sure you are looking at the current page on the Web site?  When you go to a Web site, sometimes you are actually loading into your Internet browser an older Web page from a previous visit.  The simple solution here is to "hit" the refresh button.  The new Web page downloads and you have the most up-to-date page.

If after trying all of the above you still come up with the following error code: Error: 404 - Page Not Found.  The problem may actually be a broken link.  A broken link could mean several things.  The form was accidentally deleted from the Web; the source renamed the file and deleted the old file; or the Web server is down.  If you know the rest of the Web site is working and you have tried everything else, one should e-mail: tide596bsa@aol.com and report which file has a broken link.  We will fix the link.

If you cannot download any forms, that is a sign that you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.  Find someone that is "handy" with computers to show you how if you do not understand how to locate and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

None of the above helped?  E-mail your problem to: tide596bsa@aol.com and we can send the form directly to you.  If you cannot open the file that we send you, then obviously, you have a problem with your software: be it your operating system; Adobe Acrobat Reader; or your browser.  If you can open the file that we send you, then you still have a problem and once again we will continue to advise you to make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Technical issues.  Although we cannot give computer advice on every topic, we can tell you some very simple solutions that seem even too simple to print.  If the software worked before try rebooting your computer.  If you know what "cache" is and know how to clear it on your computer, do so. 

Cannot locate a form?  If you mean that you have searched through our Web site and cannot find the right form, then the answer is one of the following:

What is a PDF?  PDF stands for portable document format.  This type of file has been designed to communicate across different computer platforms so that one can share information without regard as to what type of computer you own.

For more information about Adobe Acrobat Reader go to their Web site at: www.adobe.com.

[ADOBE ACROBAT] The forms on this page are in PDF format. You can obtain a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.



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