The Official District Website Serving the North Carolina Counties of Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Pasquotank, and Perquimans ~ 04/14/2014

Journey to Excellence Bronze District 2013

Coming Events:


Spring Recruiting

Spring Camporee

Wood Badge 2014

District Dinner







~Standing Meetings ~

District Meeting (commissioner and committee) 6:30 p.m., the first Wednesday of each month, at the City Grille, 691 S. Hughes Blvd. Elizabeth City


Cub Scout and Boy Scout Leaders Roundtables 7:00 p.m.,  the second Wednesday of each month, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , 600 West Ehringhaus Street, Elizabeth City


Pasquotank Village Order of the Arrow 7:00 PM, the first Tuesday of each month, Pasquotank Ruritan Club, 2213 W Main Street Extended, Elizabeth City

Roanoke Village Order of the Arrow 7:00 PM, the second Tuesday of each month, American Legion Hall, 302 Lake Dr, Kill Devil Hills


(1)       If you want to invest in the future of our country, there is no better way than supporting the Boy Scouts in our communities. No other organized activity does more to create positive learning experiences and a code to live by. Without the help from our Friends of Scouting Campaign, vital parts of the Scouting experience would have to be eliminated or curtailed.


I am calling on unit leaders to “invest in our future,” by scheduling a Family Friends of Scouting presentation at your unit.  Please route Jeffrey Kissell, the Albemarle District Executive, your unit presentation date and time. He can be reached at Remember, the Tidewater Council is a 501 (c) (3), nonprofit and contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. The council is also a United Way partner agency. Thank you for ALL you do.


(2)       Spring recruiting is here! All unit leaders are encouraged to participate in the district spring recruiting program and initiate a unit year-round membership plan. The district Membership Chair is Christy Cooper. Christy has sent every unit leader a copy of the Albemarle Unit Membership Plan, along with applicable contact information for each county in the district. For questions or guidance, Christy can be reached at: or 252-331-1568. You may also contact the district executive at or 757-409-3281.


(3)       Our Tidewater Council’s 2014 POPCORN SALE SIGN-UP FORMS are now available! Sign up forms are available in each unit’s folders distributed at the monthly roundtables. Popcorn sales are an ideal way for units to earn money to buy badges, pay summer and day camp fees, annual recharter fees, Boy’s Life subscriptions and many other great ideas. Help a scout “learn and earn” his way through Scouting. For additional questions, please contact Richard Becker at or Linda Boyce at


(4)       Wood Badge 2014. Calling all trained leaders. One of the premier training programs offered in Scouting is Wood Badge. Scouters will learn how to plan and implement quality programming for youth and adults, communication skills, social interfacing with scouts and volunteers, and the EDGE principle of group dynamics, to name a few of the subject courses. And let’s not forget, you’ll learn how to have more fun and adventure in Scouting. There are several vacancies available for the 2014 course. Course dates are May 9th – 11th and June 7th – 9th at Camp Pipsico. It would be nice to see more participation from the Albemarle District. The distance is worth the difference! For additional information, please contact camp director, Dave Berger at or757-618-4768.


(5)       The Albemarle Pinewood Derby was held on Saturday, March 15, 2014 at the Museum of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City. The following winners are from each den:


Tiger : Jake M. 1st Place; Tyler S. 2nd Place; and Landon F. 3rd Place


Wolf : David B.1st Place; Michael T. 2nd Place; and Gavin W. 3rd Place


Bear : Evel J.1st Place; Braden H. 2nd Place; and Ace R. 3rd Place


Webelos I : William G. 1st Place; J.T. B. 2nd Place; Aiden W. 3rd Place


Webelos II : Robbie M. 1st Place;  Andrew B. 2nd Place; Wyatt S. 3rd Place


Open Class : Wendy S.1st Place; Chris G. 2nd Place; Andy R. 3rd Place


And the three top Overall winners were: Andrew B. 3rd Place; William G. 2nd Place and the top Overall winner was: Robbie M. 1st Place with a blazing time of 2.4098 seconds!!


Congratulations to ALL who participated, both youth and adults.


(6)       From the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education comes a one day event, called “Outdoor Day” on Wednesday, April 16th. Drop by and experience the outdoors through various activities, such as: fishing and archery; nature birding and photography; kayaking skills; laser shot hunting simulation and ecology wildlife education seminars to name a few. This is a festival type atmosphere for both youth and adults. There will also be food vendors on site, so you don’t have to pack a lunch. The event will be held at the Currituck Heritage Park, located at 1160 Village Lane, Corolla, NC 27927. For more information call (252) 453-0221, Ext. #1.


And don’t forget, have the scouts invite a friend to this outdoor event to show them that scouting is FUN and full of adventure. Volunteers, bring your recruiting information for your unit. What a great way to market Scouting!


(7)       The Albemarle District Spring Camporee will be held at the American Legion Post # 4 Fairground parking lot in Edenton, NC on May 2nd – 4th. There are many activities planned for this event. Fishing merit badge will be offered and fishing will be from the Fish Hatchery and the Chowan River Bridge; supper on Saturday night will consist of fish, potatoes, green beans & hush puppies; there will be a cracker barrel on Friday night for SM’s, SPL’s; an there will be an Order of the Arrow call out on Saturday night!


Pre-registration by April 21st will be at the Tidewater Council Service Center. After April 21st, you must call (252) 331-2872 and talk to Frances Creel about attendance and late fee. For additional questions, email:


(8)       The Albemarle District Awards Dinner will be held on May 17th at the Golden Corral Buffet & Grill located at 406 Halstead Blvd. in Elizabeth City, NC. The cost to attend will be $5.00 at the door to offset the cost of the awards.


The individual awards to be recognized at the dinner will be:


 Sparkplug Award. This award is given to volunteers and couples who always seem to have that “extra” spark. These are volunteers who do their job and are always willing to help others for the better of the district and unit.


The Spouse Award is given to a husband or wife of a registered scouter. The recipient is not a registered scouter, but strongly supports their spouse’s dedication to scouting.


Cubber of the Year is given to a nominee who is registered in the Cub Scout program. The volunteer receiving this award must exemplify the Cub Scout spirit. This award is for the “best of the best!” Only one Cubber of the Year award will be offered.


Scouter of the Year is given to a nominee who is registered in the Boy Scout/Venturing program. Just like the Cubber of the Year Award, this person must exemplify the scouting spirit. It can be awarded to a person for their longevity to the scouting program or because of outstanding service to youth. Only one Scouter of the Year Award will be offered.


All nominations are confidential. Every unit is encouraged to nominate, as many volunteers they feel are qualified. Nominees can be in another pack, troop, post or crew. All nominations must be sent to the District Awards Chair, Larry Proctor by May 4th. His email address is:


(9)       The Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills training course is a hands-on program that offers adult volunteers practical outdoor skills they need to lead scouts in the out-of-doors. The skills presented in the training will closely follow the Boy Scout Handbook, so that new leaders are proficient in the basic outdoor skills through the rank of First Class. This course is also (mandatory training) for all SM’s and ASM’s wishing to recharter in their position for 2015.


For more information and other training sessions, please see the Tidewater Council web site at: You may also contact (current) training chair, Frances Creel at: (252) 331-2872 or email:


To Serve the Needs of our Chartering Partners, Membership, Manpower, Money - it takes all of those components to make sure Scouting is available for EVERY youth who wants to join.  Send suggestions for names to be submitted to the nominating committee to





District Chairman

Michael Mitchell

(757) 510-0722

District Commissioner

Frances Creel

(252) 331-2872

District Executive

Jeffrey Kissell

(757) 409-3281

Nominating Committee

Jack Overman

(252) 473-2126

Publicity Chairman


Training Chairman




Boy Scout Training Chairman



Cub Scout Training Chairman



Varsity Training Chairman



Training Records/Registrar



Supplemental Training



Activities Chairman

Nikolaus Epp

(252) 465-2221

Spring Camporee Chairman



Service Chairman



Day Camp - Eliz City

Angela Dungca

(252) 771-2311

Day Camp - OBX

Tom Maher

(252) 305-5844

District Dinner Chairman

Larry Proctor

(252) 202-0006

Pinewood Derby Chairman




Camping Promotion Chairman


Boy Scout Resident Camp Chairman


Cub Scout Resident Camp Chairman


Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor




Membership Chairman

Christy Cooper

(252) 331-1568

Gates County


Dare County


Perquimans County

Crystal Bunch

(252) 426-8299

Currituck County




Camden County


Pasquotank County


Chowan County


Webelos to Scout Transition Chairman


Lost Member Chairman


Public Events




Finance Committee


Family Friends of Scouting Chairman


Zone Captains


Zone 1 (Dare, Lower Currituck)



Zone 2 (Chowan, Gates, Perquimans)




Zone 3 (Pasquotank, Camden, Upper Currituck)


James E West (Endowment) Chairman


Popcorn Chairman


Unit Money Earning Chairman


Advancement Chairman

Tim Gaylord

(252) 489-5305

Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator

Larry Proctor

(252) 202-0006

Boy Scout Advancement Chairman


Cub Scout Advancement Chairman


Eagle Chairman




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