Boy Scout Camp

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Forms and additional resources may be downloaded from our Resource Bank.

*2014 Specifics*

Boy Scout Resident Camp (2014 Boy Scout Camp Leader Guide2014 Troop Reservation Form & Provisional Form)

Site Deposit: $100
Week 1 Date(s): 6/22/14 – 6/28/14
Week 2 Date(s): 6/29/14 – 7/5/14
Week 3 Date(s): 7/6/14 – 7/12/14
Week 4 Date(s): 7/13/14 – 7/19/14
Week 5 Date(s): 7/20/14 – 7/26/14
Early Bird Youth: $250 ($25 deposit due by 4/30/14 & paid in full by 4/30/14)
Regular Youth: $270 (paid in full by 5/31/14)
Late Youth: $295 (paid in full after 5/31/14)
Early Bird Adult: N/A
Regular Adult: $100 (paid in full by 5/31/14)
Late Adult: $110 (paid in full after 5/31/14)
Free Adult #1: Unit brings 3 – 7 youth
Free Adult #2: Unit brings 8+ youth
2nd Week Discount: $20 off regular youth rate

Serving Your Whole Troop

Our goal is to provide challenging and rewarding programs for every member of your troop, and to enhance your troop operations throughout the year. Take a look at what we have to offer you.

For New Scouts

Huskanaw is the Powhatan Indian name for the rite of passage that taught young men the skills needed to meet their responsibilities in the tribe. Our Huskanaw program does much the same thing by teaching new Scouts the skills they need to fully participate in troop activities. Huskanaw Scouts spend three hours each morning or afternoon learning advancement skills for Tenderfoot through First Class. During the remainder of the day, they can participate in up to three merit badge sessions. On Thursday night, the Huskanaw Scouts spend the night at an outpost camp. At the end of the week we will provide you with a list of requirements your Huskanaw Scouts have completed.

NOTE: Huskanaw Scouts should bring a backpack and small tent with them for the overnighter. They also need their Boy Scout Handbook with them for reference during program times. We also recommend they bring a compass (also available for sale at the Trading Post).

For All Scouts

We continue to offer one of the most extensive merit badge programs you can find. Please take the time to study the schedule carefully. When you select merit badges for your Scouts, please note the level of difficulty shown for each badge. If you assign Scouts to badges outside our recommended range, experience shows they will probably not complete all of the requirements.

Camp Lions offers over 40 merit badges at camp and these are all listed on the following pages, along with our merit badge schedule. Some Scouts will be encouraged by their units to take as many merit badges as possible. Whilst this is a unit decision, experience shows that trying to learn six new skills at the same time is difficult, especially when some merit badges require a number of additional hours work or practice. Accordingly, a Scout who works on six merit badges will learn how to get by with the least amount of work, rather than actually learning skills. We recommend that, before camp, Scoutmasters hold a conference with each of their Scouts to assist them in setting realistic goals. Scouts should be encouraged to allow time for the proper completion of merit badges. The underlying purpose of these programs is to expose Scouts to new activities/studies that may positively impact character values, connect the practical application of material learned in school, to develop career or hobby interests and to learn new ways of having fun.

We have developed our merit badge schedule based on the demand of past years. We do, however, reserve the right to adjust the schedule and counselors to meet demand and therefore all units should register for merit badges before camp, using the schedules and sign-up forms located in the Resource Bank. Some of our sessions have maximum numbers to ensure teaching quality, so if a unit does not sign-up for merit badges before camp, there is a chance that their Scouts will not be able to work on some merit badges. Please note that if units sign up for merit badges before camp, they do not need to rush to arrive first! Once a Scout is signed up for a merit badge we assume that he has Scoutmaster approval to work on that badge. We will only approve requirements completed at camp. In cases where a Scout comes to camp with a partial merit badge, a unit leader needs to provide the area director with proof of the requirements that have already been completed. The proof can either be a “blue card” showing the completed requirements or a signed statement listing the completed requirements.

Prerequisites – Some merit badges offered in camp may require some work either before, or after, camp in order to complete the merit badge. These requirements are shown in the prerequisites column in the listing of merit badges in the leader’s guide. In addition, there are some merit badges with prerequisites, which may include the completion of the BSA Swim Test, a rank or a merit badge. Where this is the case the prerequisite must be completed before a Scout starts working on the merit badge. There will not be any exceptions to this rule.

First Aid Requirements for Merit Badges – A number of merit badges offered at camp have one or two first aid requirements. These are Camping, Canoeing, Climbing, Orienteering, Rowing, Swimming, Wilderness Survival and Woodcarving Merit Badges. These additional requirements can be covered by earning the First Aid merit badge before, during, or after camp. Alternatively, Scouts may wish to participate in the evening first aid and CPR courses, which are offered at camp to meet these requirements.

Veteran Campers

To help make summer camp an exciting destination for every member of your troop, we offer a number of programs aimed at Scouts 13 and older.  These programs are run through our James River Adventure Base. More information on these programs can be found here.

For Adult Leaders

CAMP IS FOR YOU TOO!!!!  We want you to benefit as much from camp as your Scouts do. Take advantage of our many adult programs to grow in Scouting and put some extra fun in your week. ADULT TRAINING

Have you been too busy to get the training you need? Did you bring along some new leaders or adult volunteers you hope will take a more active role in troop leadership?  Then take advantage of our selection of training while you’re with us!

In addition to regularly scheduled training, our staff will be glad to work with your leaders one-on-one to teach or refine any Scouting skills you wish to develop.