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The Bayside District consists of all Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Venture Crews, and Sea Scout Ships in the city of Norfolk and in the city of Virginia Beach north of the I-264



Cub Scout Roundtable 7:00 p.m. Second Tuesday of each month at:  Calvary Baptist Church, 4832 Haygood Road Virginia Beach, VA 23455


Boy Scout Roundtable 7:30 p.m. Second Tuesday of each month at:  Calvary Baptist Church, 4832 Haygood Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 


Commissioners Meeting 7:00 p.m. the Thursday preceding the first Tuesday of the month at: Atlantic Commtech‎ 2509 Walmer Avenue, Norfolk. Please see chart at bottom of page for dates.


District Committee Meeting 7:00 p.m. the first Tuesday of each month at:  Calvary Baptist Church, 4832 Haygood Road Virginia Beach, VA 23455.


O/A Cape Henry Chapter Meeting 7:00 p.m. the first Tuesday of each month at Church of the Holy Family on Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach


O/A Powhatan Chapter Meeting 7:30 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church Scout House located at 288 E. Little Creek Road, Norfolk at the Interstate 64 exit. The Scout House is to the left of the church.



Who do you call is located at the bottom of the page.


Journey to Excellence

The Journey to Excellence program is a method of rating how well a unit or the district is delivering the Scouting Promise to the youth in their community.  The Bayside District qualified as a Bronze District in 2013 which places us in the 70 percentile of districts in the country.  Here is how the units stand on their Journey in the district.


Gold Units (top 5% of units in the nation)

Pack 024     Larchmont UMC                                                                  Pack 028     Church of the Ascension Episcopal

Pack 062     Scott Memorial UMC                                                          Pack 180   Wesley Memorial UMC

Pack 364    Bayside Presbyterian                                                          Pack 375   Old Donation Church

Pack 406    All Saints Episcopal Church                                               Troop 001  Trinity Presbyterian

Troop 180  Wesley Memorial UMC                                                        Troop 381  St Pius X Catholic Church

Troop 419  Kings Grant Presbyterian Church                                       Troop 423  Immanuel Presbyterian Church

Troop 481  St Aiden's Episcopal Church                                               Troop 490  St Gregory the Great Catholic Church

Troop 775  Pembroke Manor Church                                                     Crew 062     Scott Memorial UMC

Crew 490  St Gregory the Great Catholic Church                                 Ship 747    Calvary Presbyterian Church


Silver Units (next 10% of the units in the nation)

Pack 077   First Baptist (Bute St)

Pack 626  Virginia Beach Christian Church

Troop 062   Scott Memorial UMC


Bronze Units (next 70% of the units in the nation)

Troop 077     First Baptist (Bute St)


Units that did not qualify

Pack 3          Lincoln Military Housing                                                         Pack 19     Miles Memorial UMC

Pack 31       First Presbyterian (Norfolk)                                                    Pack 63     Francis Asbury UMC

Pack 67       Lincoln Military Housing                                                          Pack 372   Thalia UMC

Pack 376     Calvin Presbyterian                                                                 Pack 382    St. Pius X Catholic Church

Pack 391    Bayside Baptist                                                                        Pack 482    Lynnhaven UMC

Pack 490    St Gregory the Great Catholic Church                                    Pack 493    Wycliffe Presbyterian

Pack 600    First Presbyterian (Virginia Beach)                                        Pack 628    Christ the King Catholic School

Troop 24      Larchmont UMC                                                                      Troop 30     Norview UMC

Troop 40      Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3160                                   Troop 70     Grace Episcopal Church

Troop 79       ADS Inc                                                                                   Troop 191    St John Lutheran Church

Troop 363    Haygood UMC                                                                        Troop 364    Bayside Presbyterian

Troop 372    Thalia UMC                                                                              Troop 376    Calvin Presbyterian Church

Troop 587     All Saints Episcopal Church                                                 Troop 628    Christ the King Catholic School

Troop 777    Church of the Holy Family


Now hear this...Now hear this...

Membership and your Unit...

Membership is one of the District's top priorities and the District's success depends on positioning our resources to be successful in the futures.  When talking to unit leaders, it has been found that not everyone knows about all the resources that are available to make them successful in recruiting. Unit leaders can find many resources and ideas on the National Membership Resources Page.  The District Membership Chair, your Unit Commissioner and District Executive are also good resources for you to get information.  Membership is everyone's responsibility if we want the Boy Scouts to thrive in the future.  Let us all take a look at the assets available on the National website and the people we know


District Membership has three key components; New Units, Recruiting, and Retention.


New Units means starting Packs or Troops in those areas that the Membership Committee identifies as underserved.  The Membership Committee will identify a New Unit Organizer, Commissioner and Trainer to help start this new unit in those communities. If you are interested in helping with this; contact Pete Mack.


Recruiting: Getting new youth and adults to join your unit is very important.  Recruiting should be a  part of your monthly program not only the twice a year push that the District does in the spring and fall.  By having a fun and exciting unit program that captures and hold the imagination of the youth will help with peer-to-peer recruiting.  Friends want friends to have do the same fun activities that they do.  Have you asked your chartered partner to mention your unit and it's activities in their newsletter?  They can also advertise "Join Here" on the marquee.


 It is time to start planning your Spring Recruiting Event.  The time to recruit the current Kindergartners to be a our new Tiger Den.  Recruit the boys in grade K-4 to fill up your dens.  Your District Executive can help you by printing flyers for distribution in your school. Now is a good time for each unit to assign their Unit Membership Chair and start to plan their own recruiting drives. This includes the Troops so they can recruit those rising 5th graders into the Troop and have them attend Summer Camp  Below you will find a chart of which units are leading the way to plan a spring recruiting event.



School Recruit Date / Time Location   Pack #  
Bay View May 1 @ 6:30PM Christ UMC 97
Camp Allen     3
Chesterfield Academy      
Coleman Place      
Granby April 29 @ 6:30PM Church of the Ascension 28
James Monroe       
Larchmont     24
Little Creek     376
Mary Calcott     180
Ocean View     19
PB Young Sr     77
Poplar Halls      
Richard Bowling      
Sewells Pt.     3
Sherwood Forest April 28 @ 6PM Sherwood Forest NU
Suburban Park      
Tanners Crk.      
Tidewater Pk.     77
W H Taylor     31
Willard     628
Willoughby     19
St Pius X     382
Christ the King     628
St Gregory the Great     490
St Patrick Catholic     24
Alanton     62
Hermitage     67
John B. Dey     63
John B. Dey May 7 @ 6PM School cafeteria 406
King's Grant April 24 @ 6:30PM Kingston Elementary 419
Kingston April 24 @ 6:30PM Kingston Elementary 482
Linkhorn Park     600
Linkhorn Park May 6 @ 6:30PM Linkhorn Park 626
Luxford     391
Malibu April 24 @ 6:30PM Kingston Elementary  
Old Donation      
Pembroke     375
Pembroke Meadows     475
Shelton Park     67
Thalia     372
Thoroughgood     364
Trantwood     493
Trantwood May 20 @ 6:30 Trantwood 626


Retention: The third leg of membership and very important.  Youth try out a program and need to be continually recruited to keep attending and retained.  Participation is based on a number of factors; are they having fun; the program structure, and are their friends in the program.

Factors that may stop the family from coming are social-economical, off-putting adult leader behavior, and the youth not forming friendships with the members.

Some things that help with retention are:


Here is how we stand compared to end of April last year

Membership by Program for April, 2014 as of 4/17/2014 2:20:50 PM
Program Youth This Year Youth Last Year Youth Diff. Youth % Gain Units This Year Units Last Year Units Diff. Unit % Gain
Cub Scouting 574 763 -189 -24.8 22 27 -5 -18.5
Boy Scouting 618 716 -98 -13.7 25 29 -4 -13.8
Venturing 0 10 -10 -100.0 0 3 -3 -100.0
Total Traditional 1,192 1,489 -297 -19.9 47 59 -12 -20.3



Does your unit have a good, strong relationship with your school or does the relationship need strengthening?  The BSA® Adopt-a-School Program is an exciting and comprehensive undertaking that will connect Scout packs, troops and crews across the country with schools in their communities. Participating Scouts then work, within clearly defined guidelines, to partner with school administrations and offer the volunteer services that most efficiently meet their school’s needs. With each unit offering their school a minimum one-year commitment, meaningful community relationships are built and significant changes will happen in the schools.

The hope at the heart of Adopt-a-School is to build strong, sustaining relationships with these schools… creating thousands of lasting community partnerships across the U.S. Through committed volunteer efforts – from landscaping and clean-up outside the school building to Scouts’ active participation in school events throughout the year – the BSA will become a defined presence in improving our nation’s schools.

Recharter Time

All units should have completed and submitted their charter renewal package by now.  If you have not yet done so, you cannot log onto Internet Advancement.  Where is your unit on this chart?

Unit Type Number Submit Date In Council Office Comments
Crew 24     Not rechartering
Crew 372     Not rechartering
Crew 423     Not rechartering
Pack 311     Not rechartering
Pack 397 6-Jan Yes Committee Chair training, youth protection
Pack 490   Yes Cubmaster training, youth protection, applications, signature
Pack 628 31-Jan Yes Applications, youth protection
Pack 958     Not rechartering
Pack  3 17-Dec Yes Committee Chair training, applications, additional committee member
Troop 65     Not rechartering
Troop 77 9-Dec Yes Committee Chair training
Troop 199     Doing via paper
Troop 397 6-Jan Yes Committee Chair training, youth protection

Order of the Arrow

2014 Lodge Events

May 16–18 May Ordeal
August 22–24 August Ordeal
September 20 LLDC
October 24–26 Fall Fellowship
December 13 Holiday Banquet

Council Activities

The Quest for Servant Leadership

National Youth Leadership Training will be held at Pipsico Scout Reservation July 26-31, 2014. NYLT will be conducted in a 6 day model. The course is open to any registered Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Sea Scout, or Venturer that is 13 to 20 years old and at least a First Class Scout by July 26, 2014.

The content of NYLT is delivered in a team-oriented, indoor/outdoor setting, with an emphasis on immediate application of learning in a fun and engaging environment. The concept of the NYLT course is centered on the philosophy of what a leader must BE, KNOW, and DO. The key elements are then taught with a clear focus on “HOW TO.” The skills come alive during the week as the team journeys on a “Quest for the Meaning of Leadership.” The course integrates the best of modern corporate leadership theories with traditional strengths and values of Scouting. Through a wide range of activities, games, and adventures, participants will work, play, and grow together as they put into action the best Scouting has to offer. The youth returning from NYLT will have a deep concept and understanding of servant leadership and be more prepared to engage themselves as leaders in a youth led, youth ran organization.


Graduates of NYLT are then eligible to attend the ultimate in national BSA youth training at Philmont, Sea Base or Northern Tier called National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE).


Galactic Trek Day Camp

Why should your Cub Scout attend Day Camp.  To Have FUN! Scouts participate in the following activity centers:
Shooting Sports( BB gun and archery)       Arts and Crafts                           STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Math,

Team Challenges                                          Webelos specific activities,      Wildlife Conservation

Come out and learn about the cosmos with your Cub Scout and experience your own Galactic Trek.  Your pack must register as a group to attend Day Camp.  You are not required to go to a Day Camp in our district, your pack can attend any camp that meets their needs.  You can even send groups to more than one day camp.




Click on Camp Location for Additional Information


click on underlined names for email connection

Program Director

June 16-20

USCG Portsmouth

4000 Coast Guard Blvd, Portsmouth        

Cyntiha Su



June 16-20

Calvary Assembly of God

4925 Providence Rd, Virginia Beach

Kirsten Kopiczak Jeanne Blair

June 23-27 

St Stephen, Martyr

1544 Battlefield Blvd S, Chesapeake                             

Christina Zinn

Erica Brosnan

June 23-27 

Elks Lodge

1231 Typo Ln, Norfolk                                

Mike Adams

Marianne West

July 7-11

Virginia Beach Christian Church

Rose Hall Dr at Great Neck Rd, Virginia Beach       

Kate Nicholson Tricia Wallerstedt

July 14-18

Church of the Holy Apostles

1593 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Virginia Beach                   

Tricia Wallerstedt

Kate Nicholson

District Activities

Spring Camporee - Crime Scene Investigation
If you have not already signed up for the Spring 2014 Bayside District Camporee, now is the time! The event will be held at the Izaak Walton League Reservation, 2136 Shipyard Road in the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake, May 2- 4, 2014. The Camporee has been planned and will be run by Bayside District youth leaders, and, as you do for the youth in your troop, everyone in Bayside district should support our youth and come out and participate!

The “Bayside Crime Scene Investigation” Camporee is led by Life Scout Charles P. and his twelve man Camporee staff. Charles has planned a morning program with representatives from Virginia Beach Police and EMS, Norfolk Fire and Rescue, US Navy Criminal Investigative Services, and other public safety representatives who will provide hands on demonstrations about crime scene investigation. This will be followed by an afternoon crime scene investigation competition to see which troops can best use what they have learned during the morning program to solve the crimes that will be committed at the Camporee. It will challenge your entire troop to keep their ears and eyes open to capture all the clues given. Only those troops that work as a well-oiled crime scene investigation unit will catch the criminals. The Camporee includes a traditional campfire Saturday night and a camp-wide pancake breakfast just as we did for the fall Camporee.

We will need adults to provide logistic support for the youth staff and help make this a memorable event.  The early pre-registration deadline is Saturday, April 26 with a cost of $10.00/person. After that date, the cost of registration will be $15.00/person. Webelos Scouts are welcome to participate with a sponsoring Boy Scout Troop and stay overnight as the guest of the Scout Troop.  Leader's Guide were sent out to Scoutmasters.  If you have questions, contact Dave Gamble.

Fall Camporee - Outrageously Bodacious Hillbilly Hoedown
Block off the weekend of October 10-12 so your Troop can have a fun at a good times event which offers the best of hillbilly life. Everyone comes dressed as a hillbilly. There will be fun and games everyone will enjoy.

Training and Your Unit

The council executive board has approved that all unit leaders and committee chairs must be fully trained for their position at the time of recharter 2013.  By the end of 2014 all direct contact leaders will need to be trained also.   Check out the Training Page for details  of upcoming courses.  If you have any specific question, contact Craig Hill the district training chair.






  District Key 3    pic_On My Honor
Bayside District Updated 1/31/14
           District Chairman Rick Anoia      
           District Commissioner Kelly Thorp    District Committee Contact Information
           District Executive Rich Becker      
  District Committee Members        
POSITION NAME Phone (H) Phone (C) E-MAIL (1)
District Chairman Rick Anoia   (757) 963-9370
District Commissioner Kelly Thorp   (757) 574-7104
District Executive Rich Becker   (757) 575-6609
Training Chairman Craig Hill (COR) (757) 962-2220 (757) 375-6362
Boy Scout Training  Stuart Rivers (757) 412-0372
Cub Scout Training  Bob Walter (757) 431-9464 (757) 560-0297
Boy Scout Training Committee Member Dave Gamble (757) 363-8413 (757) 651-5847
Camping & Outdoor Promotion Chairman        
OA Chapter Advisor (Cape Henry Chapter) John Scheib (757) 216-5436
OA Chapter Advisor (Powhatan Chapter) John Matroni (757) 588-4412   N/A
Boy Scout Resident Camp        
Cub Scout Resident Camp        
Cub Scout Day Camp Director (West) Mike Adams (757) 529-0382.
Cub Scout Day Camp Program Director (West) Marianne West (757) 587-5258 (757) 615-3286
 Cub Scout Day Camp Director (East)        
 Cub Scout Day Camp Director (East) Kate Nicholson (757) 918-6891;
High Adventure         
Membership and Relations Chairman Pete Mack 757-478-0100 
   Spring NMN         
   Fall NMN         
   NMN Assistant Elaine Kubiszewski (757) 548-3566    
   Boy Talk Coordinator        
  New Unit Organizer        
Webelos to Scout Transition Team Leader        
   Special Needs        
   Lost Boy Follow Up         
Youth Development/Advancement Chairman                    Mark Orr (757) 631-6883 (757) 353-1309
   Cub Scout Advancement  Amy Stovall (757) 340-2148 
   Boy Scout Advancement  Georg W. Dahl (757) 489-3588 (757) 343-5271
     Eagle Board of Review Committee Mbr Great Neck Paul F. Reins (757) 626-1515 (757) 620-9629
     Eagle Board of Review Committee Mbr Lafayette  Tom Scarpelli (757) 627-3407 (757) 412-7376
     Eagle Board of Review Committee Mbr Military Hwy Ray Duron (757) 423-4337
     Eagle Board of Review Committee Mbr Great Neck Ken Reichert (757) 496-8748 (757) 617-3347
     Eagle Board of Review Committee Mbr Haygood Dana Kelly (757) 490-0805 (757) 438-8768
     Eagle Board of Review Committee Mbr Little Neck Eric Donaldson (757) 965-7064 (757) 353-9875
     Eagle Board of Review Committee Mbr Little Neck Bill Skendaris (757) 463-8460
   Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator Georg W. Dahl (757) 489-3588 (757) 343-5271
Finance Chairman Debby Rife (757) 497-1956 (757) 570-9925
   Family FOS Joe Ricci 757-679-2454
   Family FOS        
   Family FOS        
   FOS Presenter Trainer        
   Popcorn Kernel         
Activities and Civic Service Chairman        
    Pinewood Derby Scott Guest (757) 480-2792
    Fall Camporee  (2014)        
   Spring Camporee (2014) Dave Gamble (757) 363-8413 (757) 651-5847
   Camporee Committee Member        
   District Dinner Marianne West (757) 587-5258 (757) 615-3286
   Merit Badge Midway         
   Civic Service  Jennifer Bufis   (757) 270-2903
   Civic Service  Jim Nickel   (757) 813-7062
Nominating Committee Chair         
  Committee Member        
  Committee Member        
District Webmaster        
Public Affairs        
IT/Data Management        


Bayside Commissioner Staff Meeting Schedule


Year Month Day DoM Comment
2014 May  1 1st  
2014 May  29 5th  
2014 June  26 4th  
2014 July  31 5th  
2014 August 28 4th  
2014 September     No meeting
2014 October 2 1st  
2014 October 30 5th  
2014 November     No meeting
2014 December 1 1st Monday 
2015 January 5 1st Monday




        Tel# Email
District Commissioner Kelly Thorp (757) 574-7104
ADC - Administration   Bonnie Bushee (757) 546-4311
CS Roundtable Commissioner Debby Rife (757) 570-9925
BS Roundtable Commissioner John Questore (757) 473-0068
Laffayette   ADC: Ralph Ingraham (901) 292-3958 
Pack Troop Crew Ship Commissioner Tel# Email
  1     Chris Haberstroh (252)207-3585 
3       Johnnie Jones (910) 546-0100
24 24     David Mundy (757) 619-1667
28       Ralph Ingraham (901) 292-3958 
  30     Milton Skolaut (757) 864-1634 N/A 
31       Chris Haberstroh (252) 207-3585 
  40     Tom Maxwell (757) 531-9851 
  70     Tom Maxwell (757) 531-9851 
77 77     Ralph Ingraham (901) 292-3958 
  199     Kelly Thorp (757) 574-7104 
  423     Wes Sherman (757) 667-0712
Great Neck   ADC: Ceil Greene (757) 567-0873 
Pack Troop Crew Ship Commissioner Tel# Email
62 62 62   Carl Pennington (757) 822-9863 
63 63     Stu Rivers (757) 515-1137
  79     Carl Pennington (757) 822-9863 
406       Kent Glover (757) 409-0731 
493 493     Kent Glover (757) 409-0731 
  587     Kent Glover (757) 409-0731 
600       Stan Maletz (757) 343-4449 
626       Stan Maletz (757) 343-4449 
  777     Marianne Tate (757) 424-0011 
Haygood   ADC: Jeff Irving (757) 646-5218 
Pack Troop Crew Ship Commissioner Tel# Email
67       David Lanetti (757) 446-8652
  363     Jeff Irving (757) 646-5218 
364 364     Rodolfo De Leon (757) 646-3786
375 375     Jeff Irving (757) 646-5218 
391       Jeff Irving (757) 646-5218 
475       Jeff Irving (757) 646-5218 
490 490 490   Jeff Irving (757) 646-5218 
  775     Jeff Irving (757) 646-5218 
Little Neck    ADC: Ceil Greene (757) 567-0873 
Pack Troop Crew Ship Commissioner Tel# Email
372 372     Bill Penn (757) 486-8393
419 419 419   Mark Orr (757) 353-1309 
  481     Ceil Greene (757) 567-0873 
482       Mark Orr (757) 353-1309 
Military Highway ADC: Ralph Ingraham (901) 292-3958 
Pack Troop Crew Ship Commissioner Tel# Email
19       Milton Skolaut (757) 864-1634 N/A 
180 180     Ralph Ingraham (901) 292-3958 
  191     Milton Skolaut (757) 864-1634 N/A 
376 376     Ralph Ingraham (901) 292-3958 
  381     Doug Wahl (619) 417-1269
382       Doug Wahl (619) 417-1269
397 397     Kelly Thorp (757) 574-7104 
628 628     Michael Eldert (757) 438-0830
  Explorer Posts Kelly Thorp (757) 574-7104
  Post  800 Michael Eldert (757) 438-0830

Tidewater Council, Boy Scouts of America
Serving the youth of Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina
1032 Heatherwood Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Office: 757-497-2688 | Fax: 757-473-3305 | More contact info

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The Tidewater Council will willingly work with all law enforcement agencies to ensure that laws concerning spam, especially anything of an illegal nature are prosecuted to its fullest.  This includes complete access to our web site, our back channels and any tools that might reveal the individual identities of anyone seeking to perpetuate anything of an illegal nature.